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Julie Cross

Ruth Buchanan

The Granary Gallery
The tales of childhood: mythology; parable; poem; rhyme; song; folk or fairy tale become enmeshed with our memories and echo forward throughout our lives. We feel the reverberations of the Thump of the Tale.

Ruth Buchanan BA(hons), SEA, IEA, and Dr Julie Cross BA, MA, DPhil/PHd, are both artists who live and work near Wetherby, West Yorkshire. They met through their early work painting animals and both served on the committee of the Association of Animal Artists: Julie, who was Chair and Exhibitions Co-Ordinator of the Association, painting animals in general; and Ruth, also a committee member, mainly painting horses. They formed a co-mentoring partnership based on their shared views and values despite their different styles and media. Both Artists have previously exhibited at Weston Park as part of the Association of Animal Artists Autumn Exhibition.

In 2016, Julie Cross started work on a series of oil paintings based on Greek mythology and fairy tales. Capitalising on her Doctorate in Children’s Literature she combines childhood memories to create new ‘stories’ in paint. Independently in the same year, Ruth Buchanan started work on a series titled ‘Innocence and Experience’, looking at formulative experiences in childhood and the texts and symbols intertwined with those memories. Ruth’s Bachelorial Thesis considered the end of The Golden Age of Illustration. Both arists have since added further series exploring different tales within the theme.

Thump of the Tale is a snapshot of these works which seek, not to illustrate the stories, but to use themes and elements and connect them to memories as prompts. The exhibition also features some of the artists’ earlier animal studies, published works, sketchbooks and the paintings from Ruth's ten-part series of articles published this year in 'The Artist' magazine.

The exhibition opens at The Granary Gallery, Weston Park at 11am on 28th September 2019, with a Preview Event featuring an exhibition tour and talk by the artists on Sunday 29th September. The Gallery is open daily from 11am to 4pm and entry is free. The exhibition closes at 4pm on 30th October 2019. There will be workshops and other events on during the exhibition, which will be posted on the Events page of this website.

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